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Aaron Paul on One Direction.

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We made it.

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Santiago | 1.5

Santiago | 1.5

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I love Marvel movies. 

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The real question is: has Louis learned how to whisk

No he hasnt. I like to think Harry stands behind him, holds his hands in the right position and guides him (and then sex on the counter, of course)…Sorry for the images .

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Zouis: 1D Day

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That show that we do in Croke Park in Ireland next year is simply gonna be the best day of my life - ever, ever ever ever. It’s the national stadium, it holds about 80,000; 90,000 people - just that pure pride, just like it’s gonna be so sick. (…) There’s a school in one of the counties in Ireland that the teachers were asking the parents to vote to change the date of the First Holy Communion. They’re looking to change it because we’re playing that weekend in Dublin. That is just nuts, that. #TURNCROKERGREEN

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